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Ethos has also launched an index for global equities: the Ethos Index on MSCI World. Calculated by MSCI, this index enables investors to benefit from Ethos' expertise in product and conduct-related exclusions, while remaining close to the MSCI World benchmark index.

Key information

Date 12.07.2024

Value 2402.06

Performance summary as 30.06.2024

1 month +2.28%

YTD +19.76%

1 year +21.72%

3 years +18.94%


Historical performance is not a guarantee of future performance.

Companies that generate more than 5% of their total revenues in one (or more) of the following sectors are automatically excluded from this index: weapons, gambling, GMOs, adult entertainment, tobacco, thermal coal, nuclear energy and unconventional fossil fuels.

Companies whose behavior violates fundamental principles of ethics and sustainable development are also excluded. 

The index is calculated by MSCI.